Kamedis is the global leader in botanical dermatology with over 15 years of research and development into natural skincare solutions. We partner with world-renowned dermatologists and researchers to formulate highly effective, botanical-based products for treating skin disorders without harmful side effects or undesirable ingredients like parabens, steroids, dyes or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Kamedis Dermatology NOW available in the U.S.

  • CALM for the relief of extremely dry, red and itchy skin prone to Eczema including Eczema Therapy Cream, Eczema Therapy Wash and Calming Lotion.
  • CONTROL for the relief of scaly skin prone to psoriasis & flaky scalp prone to dandruff including Dandruff Therapy Shampoo and Scalp Lotion.
  • CLEAR for the relief of oily skin prone to Acne including Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Spot Treatment.

Kamedis believes the answer to healthier skin is at the intersection of Science and Nature.  Unlike other skin products, Kamedis works with your skin, not just on your skin. It works with your skin by creating a natural interaction to restore your skin’s balance. Kamedis works to return your skin to its natural state, balanced and alive. Try one of our products on your hand so you can see and feel the difference.

You can literally see the difference in the vivid greens, ambers, sapphire and honey colors of Kamedis’ products, reflecting the colors of the plants contained in each formulation. The healing properties of those plants have been known for centuries. And now they are available to you.

You deserve better. You deserve Kamedis.


Welcome to a New Standard in Dermatological Skin Care:

Kamedis’ Botanical-Based Solutions for Skin Disorders
Now Available in the U.S.